This winter we’ve decided to bring something new to the Orbit Beers stable.

Over the last four and a half years we’ve built our reputation on a core range of beers with roots based firmly in European brewing heritage. Beers of provenance and no little style, balanced and supremely drinkable, at the sophisticated end of the modern beer spectrum.

In previous winter’s we have remained true to this idea by brewing and releasing Seven. Our Victorian Double Brown Stout named as an homage to the 7″ single so adored by fans of music and vinyl records in particular.

This October we’ll be releasing something new! 

Dead Wax is a 5.5% London Porter brewed to be true to the style so beloved of Londoners of the Nineteenth Century. Plenty of brown and a little amber malt for a rich toasty character. While a touch of darker grains add a little roasty bitterness to compliment that from European hops Challenger, Savjinski Goldings and Bobek. Fermented with Nottingham Ale yeast. This is a beer to transcend the ages, as good today as it was in the nineteenth century.

And what of the name, Dead Wax? Introducing a porter for the colder months means saying goodbye (for now at least) to our Double Brown Stout, Seven. We couldn’t do so without a passing nod at least and so while we named Seven for the Seven inch single, we named Dead Wax for the spare run off grooves of vinyl at their centre.

Available to ship to both trade and retail customers from Monday 15th October. Get in touch through the usual channels and ask in your favourite pub, bar and bottle shop for some Dead Wax!


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