White Label Series

Produced in small amounts, white label records are distributed by labels to DJs and radio stations to promote new artists and test the listeners’ reaction to their tracks. Our own WHITE LABEL SERIES is an ever growing collection of one off releases that explore the experimental side of our brewing. Expect a new limited edition release every month.


A delicate, German style pilsner. A hint of smoke from Franconian malts, herbal and spicy character from Spalt Select and floral notes form New Zealand Wai-iti hops. Clean, crisp and refreshingly bitter finish


WLS001 Double Kölsch 6.8% 

WLS002 Citra Kellerbier Feat. Fyne Ales 4.9%

WLS003 24Hr Party Pilsner 3.3%

WLS004 Apricot Saison 5.9%

WLS005 Kellerbier: English Hops 4.8%

WLS006 Burton Ale 5.5%

WLS007 Mandarina Keller 5.1%

WLS008 Wakatu Pils 5%

WLS009 IPL 6.5%

WLS010 Double Extra Belgium Pale 6.0%

WLS011 Elderflower Saison 4.2%

WLS012 Summer Pale: Kiwi Hops with Kaffir Lime Leaves Feat. Caps ‘n’ Taps 4.0%

WLS013 Pilsner Dry Hopped 4.5%

WLS014 Rauchbier 6.0%