White Label Series 020 Gooseberry Saison Party!

White Label Series 020 Gooseberry Saison Party!

This Friday sees the launch of our latest White Label Series Beer and we’ll be throwing a party with our friends from Partizan Brewing down at the Star of King’s Cross!We’ll be on the decks from 9pm so expect a huge mix of tunes and great beers across the taps from ourselves and Partizan including WLS020 Gooseberry Saison!!

WLS020 is the first beer completely designed and brewed by our second brewer Toby. A saison was the first beer he brewed with us back in Spring 2017, and being a favourite of his he decided to brew another saison for his one year Orbit anniversary!

His Gooseberry Saison is a low strength, Belgian style affair but with Hallertau Blanc in the kettle and a Wai-ti and Wakatu dry hop and the addition of Scottish Gooseberries. Toby chose Kiwi hops from his homeland, and Scottish grown gooseberries as a nod to his family heritage. Expect peach, apricot and orange rind on the nose. Subtle gooseberry then spicy & soft fruit finish from the WLP566 yeast.

Summer’s up! Come have a party with us and enjoy Toby’s resplendent creation! If you can’t make it down, we’ll have WLS020 available in kegs and 330ml bottles from 23rd July !

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