Stuffing a couple of strangers together in a lift might produce a great friendship mightn’t it? They might form an instant bond and be friends forever. Being better even, together than apart. Surely there’s a chance, right?

Well how many times has that happened to you? Indeed.

So it is that meshing together two distinct beer styles does not always produce the results some might hope for. Anyone really still drink Black IPAs? Sour Lager anyone, probably a 2019 hot tip that one. But really? No, us neither.

However, we’re never one to say we’re always right. And so legend has it, at the start of the last century two beer styles, strangers to one another up until that point, met in the metaphorical lift of the George Schneider brewery in Bavaria when Matilde Schneider took over brewing operations. Weissbier was gaining in popularity in Bavaria at this time (going up in the lift?), whilst bocks and doppelbocks were ever popular seasonally. Matilde combined these two styles to produce her brewery’s first Weizen Doppelbock ‘Aventinus’ in 1907!

Toby & Paul taste testing a few German originals with Sam form Boxcar

What’s that got to do with us at Orbit Beers? Well, we’ve gone and produced an homage to Matilde’s fine work. When Paul joined as head brewer at the beginning of this year and we talked about what beers we might brew over the coming months, a Weizen Doppelbock was one the first things he mentioned having (grand) ambitions to produce. We waited until the weather turned cold, held a little tasting with a few examples we could get our hands on over here, and agreed what we probably already knew.

The Schneider  Weisse Unser Aventinus Tap 6 is the finest example of the style. Until now? Well, you can judge that for yourselves by getting your hands on a bottle of WLS024 Weizen Doppelbock.

The beer is a luxurious mahogany coloured wheat beer fermented with an historic Bavarian yeast (WLP300). Aromas of dried stone fruits (raisin, fig, date), mild clove and bubblegum, caramelised bananas & freshly baked bread emanate from the glass. In the mouth it’s full bodied with a smooth & rounded mouthfeel and caramel sweetness balanced by a delicate touch of acidity. A warming finish makes this a perfect, fireside beer. And we think, a fitting tribute to Matilde Schneider, and any unusual friendships formed in lifts!


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